Intro to Edge Computing

In this YouTube video, IDG TECHtalk explores edge computing.

Edge computing consists of hardware and transactions existing at the endpoints of a computer network rather than at its mainframe.

Equipment may comprise laptops, tablets, smartphones, robots, and point-of-sale machinery.

Examples include an employee using a tablet to access the company intranet, a point-of-sale transaction happening at a retail location, or records look up at a chain location for a returning customer.

With the rise of the Internet of Things (IOT), more and more things connect to any given network, processing far more data than in previous years.

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Older models of central networking can get overwhelmed. The amount of data being processed with many more items becoming “connected” creates a need for faster connections to handle more data.

While placing processing units near or in the devices needing better connection can slow down latency times for data received, these devices still need to connect to a data center or network.

Networks can be local or held in the cloud.

Cloud connectivity can further secure the data being gathered and analyzed by edge devices, depending on the setup, while providing automatic redundancy backups. It also may provide a faster connection.

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