The Infrastructure Delivery Model Explained

Have you ever heard of the Saas or software as a service type of tech startup? These companies sell and maintain ever-evolving computer programs that help other businesses grow. Some tech companies work on a similar but slightly different concept: IaaS or infrastructure as a service. These companies provide and maintain access to hardware instead of software.

Some business owners or general consumers want to have access to complex pieces of technology without having to maintain them. A strong example of this is game server hosting.

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People who want to create and share unique gameplay environments in established online games don’t have to become tech wizards to succeed. Instead, they turn to server hosting companies that run on the infrastructure delivery model.

These companies build and maintain game servers and sell access to those servers. All their customers have to do is subscribe to their service and customize the server they gain access to. Then, they can customize their gameplay in the most convenient way possible.

The video on this page goes into more depth on the way these companies stay successful and support their customers. By continuously upgrading the hardware they have on offer, they can stay ahead of the curve and offer their subscribers more than they could create on their own.

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