What is Multitenancy?

In this YouTube video, IBM Technology looks at understanding the concept of multitenancy. Understanding how this works can help when working with multi tenant intercom systems.

Multitenancy in a cloud environment means that more than one client uses the same set of shared services and resources.

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Resources can include things like computer nodes, networking systems, or even storage.

Each client’s data is sealed off from the others. The other clients do not have access to and cannot read the other client’s storage. Think of it as an apartment complex. Each client has their own space, keys to their area, and the ability to come and go, remove, add, or update things in that space. If the client no longer abides by the building rules and guidelines, their key privileges are revoked.

Some of the benefits of multitenancy include the ability to scale, lower cost of entry for start-up costs, and the cloud hosting provider maintains and watches over the server. It’s up to the hosting provider to ensure there are ample stored resources for a client to continue scaling up when necessary.

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