What Is the Difference Between Category 6 and 6a Cables?

When it comes to category 6 cables and category 6a cables, there are some notable differences you should be aware of. If you are looking to install one of these types of cabling into your home or business, there are many things to take into consideration. Keep reading to learn the difference between category 6 cables and category 6a cables.

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First, let’s start with what is similar between category 6 cables and category 6a cables. They both support up to 1 gig of bandwidth up to 100 meters. While they both support 10 gigs, they do not offer the same distance. Also, both category 6 cables and category 6a cables can be shielded or unshielded.

Now let’s jump into differences. The category 6a cables are made with higher tolerances than category 6 cables. The twists between the 6a cables are much tighter to meet the higher specifications that are required. For category 6a cables, the speed is 500 megahertz, whereas for category 6 cables, it is 250.

category 6a cables offer more power. They are thicker and wider, but they are also significantly more expensive than category 6 cables.

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