What Is an Industrial Camera System?

As a business owner, having an industrial camera system is key to keeping your business protected. When shopping for a camera system, not just any system will do.

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You’ll need to invest in an industrial camera system to best protect your business. But what is an industrial camera system? Keep reading to find out.

An industrial camera system is similar to a home surveillance system in the manner of recording video, however, there are some major differences. Unlike home systems, industrial camera systems are made for businesses and have a higher quality.

Industrial camera systems operate on a CMOD sensor. It is responsible for converting the light energy of photons into electricity or electrons, which is how digital pixels or images are formed in pixels.

Industrial systems are miniaturized so they fit into small places and are hard to be seen. They also have a higher frame rate than home systems. The purpose of surveillance would be to visualize video or still images. The frame rate of most industrial camera systems is 100.

To learn more about what an industrial camera system is, how it works, and the top features of the system, watch the video above!


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