How to Run a Voice of the Customer (VoC) Program

Voice of the customer programs have proven effective for customer service and problem resolution. This video will explain what they are and how to run one successfully.

A voice of the customer program gathers, analyzes, and reports qualitative information about customer experience and satisfaction. The goal is to improve service quality and deliver better experiences for customers. To run a successful voice of the customer program, create a central hub within the organization where all data is collected and analyzed.

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This hub should comprise a dedicated team of members ready to communicate the values of the VoC across the whole organization.

Voice hosting services can also help. However, the company selected should also have a good reputation and high ratings. Otherwise, the organization risks losing customers due to negative feedback. Once the VoC is complete, result analysis begins by looking for trends, finding patterns, and interpreting. The finding will then form the basis for future decisions. Consumers who continuously use text messages, phone calls, and social media expect a seamless company experience. Creating a VoC program can help identify issues affecting customers’ experiences and give the organization a competitive advantage.


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