A Helpful Style Guide for Custom Electronic Enclosures

Whether you’re concerned with the aesthetic appeal of your electronic device or simply wish to maximize its protection, custom electronic enclosures might suit your needs. Sheet metal enclosures offer a huge assortment of options so it is almost guaranteed you can find an option that offers the perfect look and also keeps your device safe.

Before selecting an enclosure style, you will want to consider a few factors.

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Knowing where the enclosure will be stored might affect your choice. Take stock of which electronics and components will be housed and how they will be arranged. You will also want to know how durable you need your enclosure to be.

U-shape enclosures are great for beginners because they are relatively simple and offer few design restrictions. The other most common style, the L-shape, offers access to the bottom of the enclosure, which might be necessary for protruding connectors. Rackmount enclosures are intended to be affixed to a cabinet. A 5-sided enclosure is extremely versatile thanks to its removable top feature.

The myriad options available for custom electronic enclosures might seem overwhelming to a first-time buyer. Consulting with a custom design company might help you make the most informed choice that will best suit your device.

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