What Are Temperature Test Chambers Used for?

Environmental testing is conducted so that people can see how instruments and machines can withstand different weather conditions. The Youtube video “Environmental Test Chamber Basics” shows how these chambers do the job and why they’re so vital. Let’s find out more!

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There are four main tests conducted during environmental testing. Design Validation is used to determine how a product will do with regular temperatures and conditions over its lifespan. It uses the product’s specifications and can be carried out during the R&D phase or during the manufacturing phase. The idea is to pass this first test without failure. This is only to determine whether the machine will work under normal circumstances.

The next test is the Product Validation procedure, where they use temperature test chambers similar to those in Design Validation, but it’s meant to predict future failures and issues in the original design when the product is in the client’s hands. The next step is Environment Test Screening, which uses different stresses like thermal cycling to force problems to appear. Normally, it will reveal details you might not be able to detect until years later.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about temperature test chambers.

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