Try a New IT Strategy for Small Business Growth

IT is an immensely popular service that allows even the smallest businesses to see a wealth of exponential success and open up new possibilities for entrepreneurs. But, despite the merits associated with this process, there are still a plethora of corporations that are not using it to its fullest potential. As a result, these enterprises risk being defeated by larger forces of competition, making the entire market less dynamic and equal. Therefore, this article will list a number of ways that you can use a new IT strategy for small business growth.

1. Golf Cart Rentals

Nowadays, golf courses are designed to be exceptionally large, giving players the prime opportunity to explore the nuances of these unique landscapes. But, there’s no denying that some of these courses are just too big to walk around, leaving guests feeling tired and defeated after just a few holes. Therefore, a lot of small businesses have the prime opportunity to resolve this issue by offering a series of local golf cart rentals. By utilizing this prosperous IT strategy for small business growth, many corporations can promote a selection of desirable golf carts on their online platform, ensuring that players can select the option that best suits their needs and budget. Plus, players can also use your online platform to pay for these rentals, providing them with a seamless transaction of funds. As a result, these businesses no longer have to fret about handling large amounts of cash and can continue to track their earnings safely and securely online. According to San Diego Golf Cart Rentals, these vehicles can be hired for an average of $75-$150 per day or around $450-$900 per week, making this a very lucrative avenue for those looking to boost their IT strategy as well as their profits.

2. Waste Management

Many people enjoy the process of decluttering as it allows them to get rid of material belongings that no longer serve them and ensures that they can start afresh. However, this process can cause a lot of mess and waste, leaving many homeowners feeling very overwhelmed. As such, many property owners now rely on local dumpster rentals to help them hold all of their old belongings before they are ready to be taken to the local recycling center. If you’re keen to develop a unique IT strategy for small business growth, consider promoting your waste management company on social media. Whether it’s creating a range of engaging Facebook posts or producing a selection of endearing TikToks, this content gives you the perfect opportunity to delve into a selection of bustling customer bases. You could also encourage your staff to build this content strategy so that you don’t have to cough up copious amounts of money on influencers or social media marketing managers. Plus, since Big Rentz informs us that a dumpster usually costs around $642 a week to rent, small businesses can use these platforms to showcase their pricing strategy to create a charming sense of transparency. In turn, even creating a wealth of fun videos on social media can help your dumpster rental business grow from strength to strength.

3. Legal Practices

When we suffer a hefty load of legal trouble, we are often forced to rely on a criminal law attorney to help us find justice in our complex situation. Although this field is incredibly dynamic, it can be hard for clients to find the right criminal attorney in the sea of other lawyers who sit before them. In turn, some law firms would benefit greatly from applying a strong IT strategy for small business growth. For example, if you create an intuitive website for your law firm, clients are more likely to better understand your services and decide to collaborate with you in their case. In addition, your business could also implement an assortment of effective SEO practices to help you climb up the ladder and become more visible on a wide selection of search engines. Therefore, if a potential client is spending countless hours researching local attorneys, there’s a higher chance that they’ll stumble across your website instead of a competitor’s. Although SEO can seem quite complex, there are a ton of professionals who can offer you a helping hand. OuterBox notes that an SEO specialist usually charges $100-$250 per hour for their work, making this an affordable resource for small businesses who are keen to become more competitive online.

4. Funeral Homes

Though it may seem a little off-putting for a cremation company to make use of an IT strategy for small business growth, it can aid them in finding suitable customers in a deeply ambitious sector. When a person dies, their family often spends a lot of time grieving their loss, which may make it harder for them to complete their usual tasks or even leave the house. Thus, funeral homes could make this process easier by allowing their clients to book their loved one’s service online. Although the vast majority of this planning process often has to be carried out in person, these businesses could see great success in allowing their customers to book initial appointments or meetings via a series of online forms. Some funeral homes could even go one step further and build a comprehensive chat bot for those who don’t feel comfortable holding lengthy conversations just yet. However effective these strategies sound, we must also note that they can seem a bit intimidating and difficult to implement for some businesses. So, you may benefit more from using a series of AI programs to build a much more personal online presence. Tidio states that 87% of customers say that chat bots are effective in resolving their complaints, so it seems that this is a useful tool for small businesses that are eager to help their clients but may not be able to deal with their issues face-to-face.

5. Auto Repairs Shops

Whether they’re looking to get a simple oil change or are keen to find some more specific Mini Cooper repairs, auto repair shops are a lifeline to a wide variety of avid drivers. But, with so many of these establishments available up and down the country, it can be very difficult for independent mechanics to stand out from the crowds. Luckily, these corporations are encouraged to use an IT strategy for small business growth to help them gain a compelling sense of competitive edge. One key IT strategy that could help these businesses is to install a comprehensive task management system. Not only can this program allow you to track all of your day-to-day tasks, but it also ensures that the entire team is all working on the same page. In fact, there is also an abundance of auto management repair software available on the market, which is ideal for those who want to work with a program that perfectly adheres to the unique needs of their business. This type of equipment is incredibly nuanced, so the price can vary from platform to platform. However, Orderry notes that this type of software costs anywhere from $69-$199, depending on the type of plan you purchase. Therefore, for a small monthly fee, you can get your affairs in order and ensure that your auto repair shop is able to defeat the establishments that surround it.

6. Fuel Companies

Fuel is probably the most important resource in our modern society, allowing us to power an abundance of valuable devices and vehicles. As such, even if you only carry out local oil deliveries, it’s imperative that your small business can continue to make great strides in its respective industry. Most people use fuel companies to gain access to home heating oil, so it’s advised that you use a comprehensive IT strategy for small business growth in order to better attract this type of customer. Advertising oil online can be a bit of a tricky situation, so you may be better off using a more appropriate IT strategy such as email marketing. This process involves sending a widespread email to your most valued customers to ensure that they remain up to date on developments occurring within your fuel company or to inform them of upcoming promotions. Plus, these emails encourage your customers to visit your website more often, which is particularly beneficial for small businesses that make use of PPC ads or display ads. Thus, even though many fuel companies don’t have much success with digital marketing, especially on social media, this doesn’t mean that they can’t find prosperity with other forms of IT. Moreover, the Digital Agency Network states that email marketing is 40x more effective than standard social media marketing tactics, so this may be the best resource to use if you don’t consider yourself to be well-versed in the world of online platforms.

7. Private Investigators

Although we probably recognize private investigators most from crime fiction or TV drama, these individuals typically offer a much more professional service. These workers usually spend their days collecting information to support certain legal claims, so a business may decide to hire a team of local private investigators to take a closer look into claims of fraud or misconduct in their workforce. In spite of the fact that this is an incredibly niche role, these companies could still benefit from implementing an IT strategy for small business growth. Since these workers often need to stay out of plain sight, they could benefit most from using a collection of secure cloud storage software as well as a variety of encrypted communication devices. These assets may come across as very complicated, but private investigators could simply use a Google Drive or a Whatsapp group chat in order to achieve these goals. As such, these are ideal resources for those who want to continue attracting a series of reputable clients without going outside the confines of their usual budget. Moreover, according to Axeligence, a private investigator usually charges $50-$100 per hour, so by using a selection of affordable IT strategies, these companies have a better chance of making a hefty profit on their usual services.

8. Cesspool Services

Even though cesspool pumping businesses are not commonly associated with glamour and luxury, they offer a ton of invaluable services. Usually, these businesses focus on producing vast underground networks that help to safely dispose of a range of sanitary waste. Therefore, these enterprises are responsible for keeping our local streets clean and ensuring that the vast majority of us can gain access to clean water. Despite their significance, there’s no denying that some of these services struggle to use an effective IT strategy for small business growth. But, there are a few strategies that can help them increase their presence in the waste disposal industry, such as septic tank cleaning software. This program can be used on a collection of modern devices, meaning that professionals can schedule and dispatch certain jobs no matter the circumstances. As such, cesspool pumping businesses can now push away from traditional time-keeping and organization practices and transport their corporation directly into the 21st century. This Old House notes that it usually costs anywhere from $225 to $600 to pump a septic tank, but the national average normally sits at $400. In turn, by using a range of intelligent IT strategies, many of these businesses can now continue to charge very profitable prices for their services without having to worry about communicating with your team or setting up a dispatch process as it can all be completed within the confines of one superior platform.

The advent of IT has completely revolutionized how we do business, but we cannot ignore the corporations that are still denying their power. Whether it’s due to lack of funds or experience, some small businesses are refusing to use these strategies, so are putting themselves in grave danger of falling in between the cracks of their designated markets. Therefore, if you’re looking to implement an IT strategy for small business growth in your own corporation, consider implementing some of the advice and guidance discussed throughout this article.



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