How Printer Repair Services Diagnose and Fix Stop Jams

Laser printers are known for their reliability, speed, and simplicity. Instead of fiddling with multiple ink cartridges that dry up quickly, laser printer owners just have to replace the toner cartridge periodically.

But despite their reliability, all printers do occasionally run into problems. One of the most common issues people call printer repair services for is a stop jam. During a stop jam, paper gets jammed deep in the printer and stops moving.

Video Source

If this has happened to your laser printer, the video posted here can help you resolve the issue.

First, you will need to find the location of the jam. Remove or open the access panels on your printer to take a look at the internal components. You should be able to see the paper stuck somewhere in your machine. Sometimes, you may have to open panels toward the back of your printer. Once you have found the jam, you can work on figuring out why the paper would stop there. Check the paper for crease marks and damage. If there are no signs of damage, you may have a problem with a sensor or the speed of your printer’s wheels.

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