An Overview of DigitalTest

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The video starts with the narrator explaining what DigitalTest is. Digitaltest is a leading player in the automatic test equipment market. They not only focus on state-of-the-art hardware and software, but also integrated test solutions.

DigitalTest has a track record of creating innovative and pioneering solutions that integrate CAD tests and production to optimize the manufacturing process. Digital test also offers extensive server and support options. This includes outsourcing board testing requirements at any of their facilities all over the globe.

DigitalTest boasts three decades of outstanding performance, consistency, and value. Their products works to offer automatic testing and quality control for circuit board assembly lines. Their software solutions bridge the gap between the design and manufacturing stage by improving time-to-market and time-to volume.

Their family of test systems are designed to address different needs and test situations ranging from prototyping to high-volume production. DigitalTest systems can operate as stand-alone systems or be incorporated into production lines.

DigitalTest’s software and hardware have made their way into key industries such as automotive, aerospace, avionics, telecommunications, medical, industrial, consumer electronics, and more. DigitalTest boasts over 1600 installations all over the globe, making it a trusted player in the industry.

Partner with DigitalTest today for the best automatic test equipment in the market today.

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