Essential Tips for Your College Application Video

While it’s true that a picture is equivalent to a thousand written words, using a video can say more. So, instead of writing a 450-word essay for their admissions, students now have to option to make a one-minute video – revealing even more about themselves to the college admission software.

Video essays are admittedly and unsurprisingly becoming widely popular at U.S. colleges today. Instead of the traditional application essay, many schools now allow prospective students to submit a video. The admissions and enrollment management software that colleges use also help them keep track of these application videos as supplemental material.

Universities use the best CRM for higher education, so it’s crucial to ensure that students prepare with the college admission management software in mind. Since it’s for college admission, you should maintain a professional tone in the video while making it a little bit casual and informal. Also, try to limit saying andquot;umandquot; in between your sentences.

Don’t send a ten-minute long video if the university requests just a three-minute video clip. Plus, remember to use formal language that’s concise and clear while tailoring the content to your target college.

Watch this video by College Essay Advisors, where you’ll discover a way for you to create a compelling college application video successfully. With many college admission software available today, getting tips on creating an excellent application video can help you impact the people behind admissions.

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