Check Out This Great Demonstration of Hall Effect Sensors

Hall Effect current sensors are a type of device used to measure and monitor electric current. They are commonly used in industrial and automotive applications where the current must be measured or monitored in a safe and accurate manner.

Hall Effect current sensors work by measuring the magnetic field created by the current flow through a conductor. This magnetic field is then used to generate an electrical signal, which is then used to measure the current.

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The Hall Effect current sensor is made up of three main components: a magnetic core, a Hall Effect element, and an amplifier. The magnetic core is used to concentrate the magnetic field created by the current flow. The Hall Effect element then detects this magnetic field and produces an electrical signal, which is then amplified by the amplifier. The amplifier amplifies the signal and sends it to a digital display or other type of monitoring device.

These sensors have a variety of uses in both industrial and automotive applications. They are used to measure current in high-voltage systems, and can also be used to detect the presence of current in a circuit. They are also used to detect short circuits, over-currents, and other types of faults. Additionally, they can be used to measure the speed of rotating motors and shafts, as well as to measure

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