Which Website Builder Should You Use?

How exciting, you’ve just launched your business and are considering going online. Wait just a hot minute. Watch the YouTube video “Top 5 Website Builders 2023” for advice on the best website builders. You may think all website builders are identical, but they are not. Some are more user-friendly, some offer better features, some are more expensive, and some are all-around winners in what they offer users.

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If you pick the wrong one, you may become more frustrated than anything else.

Should I Hire a Website Designer

Don’t jump the gun on this one. You may think website design requires coding skills, but thanks to technological advancement, anyone can build a website from scratch. Some website builders are intuitive and allow you to create a complete website with a drag-and-drop feature. An example is Wix. This is an outstanding website builder that’s easy to use and manage. The site has built-in security that doesn’t come at an extra charge.

Then there are website builders like WordPress. This website builder has a steep learning curve but offers more features. WordPress feature applications are known as plugins. These plugins feature free versions; you can upgrade to the paid version for added features.

Other website builders like Weebly are very user-friendly but don’t provide as many features. You should consider your needs and find a website builder that meets those needs. Alternatively, you could hire a website design company to help you.


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