Parking Spots Made Easy With This New Tech!

One of the most dreaded elements of going to the inner city or attending a giant event is finding a parking spot. Oftentimes you can be driving around for at least 10 minutes looking for an available parking spot within walking distance of where you need to be. If you are running on a strict schedule, this is pretty much torture. Well, you’re not alone in your parking struggles. Engineers and computer scientists have heard us all, and have developed a new brand of application to solve this problem once and for all, enter the parking app. This video gives us a first-hand view of what a parking app does, and how the technology can forever change the way you see a parking lot.

Video Source

Parking apps take GPS data from satellites to provide you with paid empty parking spots around the city. They can tell you where free lots are as well, but cannot confirm a space will be free when you arrive. You pay for how many hours you want the space for inside the app, so there is no contact with a parking meter. Just like that, you are guaranteed a safe and reliable parking spot at the touch of a button!


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