Common Repairs Seen by Commercial Electrical Services

Have you heard about underground commercial electrical service? In this blog, you will learn about commercial electrical service and why it’s needed.

The underground commercial service for a building begins usually upon the power cool, being buried underground. From there, it comes over from a transformer, and transformers are scattered all over, exceeding the commercial areas.

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If that’s the case, it’s about 14,000 to 17,000 volts into the transformer and about 600 volts coming out of the transformer.

A transformer that was buried underground goes all the way to the commercial building. Perhaps you’re wondering how it will come inside the 4-way conduit plastic to the disconnect.

If this is the case, the disconnect has the necessary volts. And from there, it will go to the CT cabinet. Because of the higher average in the voltage, it needs to be metered.

It now goes all the way to the electrical panel, where it will utilize its power. And inside the panel are breakers, and from there, the breakers are will feed the transformer. Then the transformer will take the 600 volts and will take it down to a regular standard voltage.

There is also a black cable from there, going around the electrical panel. The electrical panel is also where you’re going to get your power for the lighting and plugs, and more that exists inside the building.


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